Need a Website? We Are Real Developers Creating Great Looking Business Websites for Less!

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Do You Need a Great Looking Business Website That Has ALL The Essential Tools to Succeed?

We Can Give You That & More for Only $299


Before & After Website Makeover …What a Difference!

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Website for Pastor & Author Tim Rose for His New Book!

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Hearing Aid Warehouse Now Has a GREAT Looking Website!

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We’re REAL Web Developers, We Believe in Personal Service, Delivering Great Looking Websites & Offering an Unbeatable Value.  Our Portfolio Speaks for Itself.  We Don’t Just Show You Screenshots of Website Templates As Examples of Our Work Like the Other Guys.  All the Videos On This Site Are of ACTUAL Websites We’ve Created for Business Owners Just Like Yourself.

internet-shoppingIn your search for quality web design you will comes across web designers that sprinkle their ads with screenshots of website homepages and call this a portfolio of their work.  These screenshots of website templates can be readily found online.  Just Google “websites template screenshots” and you or any so called “web designer” looking to quickly create a fake portfolio has an endless supply of websites screenshots to choose from.  Many Craigslist ads begin to look alike as each uses the same generic screenshots as their “portfolio”.

That’s why instead of screenshots we’ve decided to share with you the actual Video Reviews we create for each and every one of our clients once we’ve completed their website.  These are the actual videos our clients review along with their websites so they can provide us feedback on changes they would like to be made before going live!  The other guys WISH they had a portfolio as REAL and extensive as ours to share with you…but they don’t!

We Create Custom Websites On All the Most Popular Platforms!  This Way Your Site Can Grow With Your Business & Needs!  Your New Website Will Be Cross Browser & Mobile Compatible With the Ability to Manage it Yourself Easily 24/7 Using an Intuitive Interface….and We Even Provide Personalized Video Tutorials FREE!


Most Common Q’s & A’s

  • +How do I know which CMS platform is right for me?

    We will install any CMS platform our clients prefer once their website is complete.  This allows you to easily edit & manage your website using a point & click Visual Editor.  Even a novice can manage their new website and add to it anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to our personalized Video Tutorials.

    Which platform is right for you?  WordPress, Joomla, Magento & Open Cart are just a few of the website CMS platforms available.  Each has it’s own benefits and drawbacks.  Choosing which CMS platform for your site is dependent on the features your website has and which platform will give you most flexibility & ease of use in managing those features.

    If you have a preference of which CMS platform you want installed on your website just let us know!  If not, we can help you decide which is best for you.

  • +Where are you located? Who will be creating my website?

    We are a small & dedicated team of web developers & graphic artists working together to deliver awesome looking websites for our clients.  We are a Northern CA based company.  Our Sr. Web Developer consults with every new client & reviews websites once they are complete to ensure complete satisfaction.

    You will be assigned a dedicated web developer that will work with you from start to finish on your website.  This provides not only accountability but a smooth process ensuring your site is made exactly how you want it with the features you need to succeed.   We don’t outsource.

    Although we are based in N. California we have had the pleasure of creating websites for individuals from all over the United States (and globe for that matter).  By using the Video Reviews & scheduled Web Meetings to deliver websites, communicate with our clients & provide support no matter where they reside.

  • +Can I sell items and/or services on my site?
    YES!  In fact most of the websites we create are ECOMMERCE websites with full shopping cart, catalog, product pictures & descriptions along with a storefront admin area allowing you to manage your storefront website easily.  And NO, we do NOT charge extra for ecommerce sites with shopping cart capabilities.  You can get a full featured Ecommerce website with  payment integration, shipping options, coupons to give discounts & more for only $299.00

  • +Do you come up with the content for the website or do I?

    We believe in making the process as easy as possible for you.  If you have content ready to go for the pages of your website great!  Just provide the content to your web developer.  If you don’t that’s not problem, we will simply put “dummy content” on your website which you can easily change out with your own using the tutorials and Visual Editor.

    This also goes for websites that are ecommerce sites selling products.  If you do not yet have your product pictures, descriptions, prices, etc. don’t worry.  We will setup dummy products complete with pictures, descriptions and pricing which you can switch out with your own products once you have them ready.  Again, tutorials will show you how to do this.

    So have no worries, we can still create your website even if you don’t have the content ready yet.  We’ve been told many times by our clients that getting a website with dummy content provides a blueprint that they can simply follow and delete & replace with their own instead of getting an empty website.

  • +How long from start to finish will it take to get my new website?

    We deliver great looking, feature packed websites in 10 days or less.  Once we complete your website you will have a live link of your new website AND a video review prepared by our Sr. Web Developer going over your new website.  Simply review the site & video and give us any changes you would like made before gong live!  Beware of people offering “fast” web design in just a few days.  This means they are using & re-using templates which = low quality ugly websites with bare bones features.  Don’t you want better for your business image?




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